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Special and Personalized Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other New York City and China

Couple Holding Hearts

A box of chocolates, a dinner, a flower bouquet... Not bad are the traditional Valentine's presents, but there are several other choices that will make you go one step further and delight them with a different gift this year. Do you dare to do something this year that is a little more risky? All these Valentine's gifts will make Cupid feel very, very proud of you. Customized paintings, hand-decorated cushions or designs with pictures.


But if you're a Valentine's Day fan and you want more, you need to check out this list of other crafts: Valentine's Day DIY.

1. A Thread for Valentine's Day

Offer your partner a thread and leave him/her speechless. It's really quick to do so. A wooden frame, some screws, a hammer and some string are all you need. Start by drawing the shape at the base that you are going to make and then putting the nails after that outline. The final part is the most enjoyable, now you just have to roll the thread all over the design using the nails that you placed to bring the shape. The outcome is incredibly awesome and takes less time than it seems.

2. Hearts in Miniature

More Valentine's Day ideas with hearts. You can make mini hearts to create magnets, pins, or whatever you can think of if you have some hot glue and a heat gun at home. A heart-shaped silicone cutlery, that can usually be found in gift shops or decoration stores, will have to be used to fill the molds with hot glue and put the magnet or pin on the end.


You could use cement rather than hot glue if you want to give them a more industrial touch. It's going to take a little longer, although it is worth the result. You can decorate the pieces a nice color if the cement is dry, and start writing a nice note on them.


3. Send a caring pillow this Valentine's Day

Giving a pillow seems rather stupid, but if your partner doesn't live in the same city as you do. Make him/her a pillow with a message like this: 'Hug this pillow if you miss me.' Cool, right? In any facility that sells bedding, you can get a basic pillow and then write the message using a marker or fabric paint.

4. Words in 3D

Do you know the folding technique for a book? Find a book you don't like and build a word within it that is three-dimensional. For you to follow and get a result like this, there are plenty of videos and blogs describing this technique and even free patterns.

5. Offer them a box of matches

The love flame! Get a picture frame with a backdrop and considerably long matches to create this drawing. Trace the word silhouette or the shape you want to make and stick the matches and fill all the space in it. Try to ensure a solid adhesive is used, or the matches can drop off.

Special and Personalized Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other New York City and China

In Love

6. Valentine's Day Picture Cube

It is a very handy gift to offer a frame with a photo, but that frame can develop into this wooden cube, with its six faces on which you can place not only a few images, but also a love note, a phrase, the name of your couple, or even the most romantic... A proposal for a hand.

7. Decorated candle holders with pictures for Valentine's Day


Another concept with lovely images. In this instance, you can use an old picture to decorate a simple glass candle holder, turning it into a very beautiful gift naturally. You can do this by moving the photo to a transparent self-adhesive sheet and wrapping it around the candle holder's entire inner circumference. Uh, perfect!

8. Giving your spouse a customized Jenga


Who hasn't played Jenga at all? Who doesn't feel like sitting at home on a cold and rainy night playing board games as a couple? By inserting phrases and moments lived with your partner, buy the Jenga and modify it so that each time you transfer a token, read one and the game excites you much more.

9. Gift to remind of what you feel about your partner


We often slip into the rhythm of a few words after being with the same partner for a long time. You understand one another, you love one another, but do you tell him/her, every day, how you feel? We all want to be loaded with lovely stuff and what better way to read what your partner thinks every day than to read. Fill a glass jar with quirky pieces of paper in which you write one of several reasons for your partner's affection, how he/she makes you feel, what encourages you as well as the respect you put forward. Every day, the individual can open one of these and stay positive before going to work every morning.

10. Romantic Valentine's Day Cushion

With a bit of sharing your feelings towards her, or better yet, her favorite movie, or that first trip together, make a cushion for your spouse. The condition is to catch a special moment of emotion. A cushion seems to be a very useful gift because it's always useful, whether it's for the couch, the bed, or the chill-out zone we love so much.

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